How to setup Votifier plugin

How to Set Up Votifier

This guide will go over how to set up Votifier so users can vote for your Minecraft server on various server list websites in exchange for rewards.

This guide assumes you have installed Votifier.
Here is a list of recommended Votifier plugins:
nuVotifier (for 1.8.Х to 1.13.Х version servers that support plugins) <- Recommend!
Votifier (for 1.2.Х to 1.8.Х version servers that support plugins)

To setup Votifier on your Minecraft server:
1. Go your server's control panel. On the left-side press "Files" and then "FTP File Access".
2. Navigate to the folder: /plugins/Votifier/
3. Find the file "config.yml" and click on it. A text editor will pop up.
4. Locate and change the “port” from 8192 to any 4 digit number above 1024. As an example, 2893 will work. 
5. Once you have changed the value of the port from 8192, click the "Save" bottom of the text editor. 
6. Go back to the main control panel of your server, and click the "Restart" button. Votifier will now use the new port that you specified to listen for votes. 

Once you have successfully installed the main Votifier plugin, you will need to install a vote listener. A vote listener is an additional plugin that gets triggered by Votifier once a vote is received. This is where you set the commands you would like to be executed once a vote is received. 

Here is a list of recommended vote listeners for Votifier:
GAListener (for 1.3.2 to 1.10.2 version servers that support plugins)
SuperbVote (for 1.8 to 1.13.2 version servers that support plugins)
VotingPlugin (for 1.8 to 1.13.2 version servers that support plugins)

As an example of how to edit the rewards, below we will include the steps on how to edit GAListener.
To change the rewards for the plugin GAListener, in addition to a few other settings, follow these steps:

1. Log onto your FTP panel via your control panel. This can be accessed via the left hand side of your control panel under "Files".
2. Navigate to the folder: /plugins/GAListener/
3. Find the "config.yml" file and click on it. A text editor will pop up.
4. You can now configure the options as you desire. There are already some defaults which will give 5 or 10 diamonds. There are also some other options where the player would get 1000 unites of your in-game currency or even experience. You can customize the rewards for voting by changing up the commands that are executed however you like. 
5. When finished with your customizations, hit the "Save File" button. 
6. Go back to your control panel and restart your server once more.

You have now successfully setup Votifier on your server!

Need help with setting up Votifier? You can submit a ticket to support department for further assistance!
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