Billing, Account and Upgrades (5)

Information and guides on the Billing area for making payments, upgrading, and more.

Control panel (7)

Useful and helpful articles about working with the control panel.

Game Servers (35)

Information and guides for game servers such as Minecraft, Counter-Strike 1.6, and etc.

GameVPS service (3)

Information and guides on GameVPS and operation under Linux OS.

Most Popular Articles

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Whitelist on your server does not allow non-listed users to join your server. By default, your...

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To enable offline mode (cracked versions) on your Minecraft server, you must disable your...

 How to setup Votifier plugin

How to Set Up Votifier This guide will go over how to set up Votifier so users can vote for your...

 How to Cancel a Paypal Subscription

Automatic payments are a great way to ensure your server is always paid for on time! However, if...

 How to add a server icon to my Minecraft server

From Minecraft 1.7.10, server owners are free to add their icon to their server in the...

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